You won’t believe your ears when you see south african rugby player and model Jacques Snyman on the field. The massive and sexy hunk gets superhigh – with his voice! He is a trained countertenor and uses his popularity now in a U.S. tour for the “It gets better project”.

“It gets better” gets better and better. The latest man to give his promise to young gays is President Obama himself. Lets hope things are getting better for everyone everywhere in the world.

Tyler Clementi killed himself after he was filmed making love to another man. His fellow students set that video online. He was the fifth teenager in the US in the last three weeks who committed suicide because they were bullied of being gay. And those five only stand for a horrific high number of lives that end each day, just beause of hate, the lack of tolerance and respect.
But as many of us experience: Live will get better! Accepting yourself, living the life you want and with the one you love. Being gay is just great!!
The project IT GETS BETTER on youtube tells all the kids out there in the world suffering what a wonderful live they can expect…
and of course it tells all the fuckers out there that we do it way better and have way more fun than these intolerant idiots!