World Trade Center 1978

It’s our memories, that keep things alive much longer than they exist and it’s our personal memories that make things valuable. is a photo-blog about the World Trade Center by German artists Stefka ammon and Robert Ziegler, that collects private photographies from New York City (1970ies through September 10th 2001). On these pictures visitors, tourists and residents have been photographed in front of, on top, next or inside the WTC. With this growing collection they aim to document and describe analytically the specific aura, meaning and significance of this architectural and cultural complex from the angle of visitors’ and tourists’ images from all over the World. And the stories that people tell about it. So if you happen to have old images in albums, boxes or files, please scan and submit them at – the World Trade Memorial Foundation showed interest as well!

The official launching of the photo-blog MY_WTC will will be this thursday in Berlin at schnellundschmutzig, Markthalle IX, Eisenbahnstrasse 42, Berlin-Kreuzberg