hunk relaxing on Tel Avivs busiest highway, photographed by Ido Sarid

Ayalon Highway, usually used by some 750,000 vehicles on each weekday, is dead empty. It’s Yom Kippur. The holiest day in the Jewish calendar is traditionally observed with a 25-hour period of fasting and intensive prayer. On this day, no one in Israel is driving the car, so highways are deserted and dates have to be within walking distance. Naturally on Atraf, Israels gay dating website, the first question each person asks today is “where do u live”. Maybe to increase chances, Atraf opened for 24 hours all the “black lists”, so you can text guys who blocked you and ask for forgiveness. This meaning of Yom Kippur, to apologize to friends and to God for your bad deeds, becomes a vital chance to re-date close acquaintances.

And if you were in doubt wether it’s worth going to Tel Aviv, learn something new: Size doesn’t matter