Future Freedom (C) Mathias VefFuture functional clothing will evolve with a changing environment. Surveillance technology, facial recognition and ubiquitous spam will create a need for physical firewalls: to maintain anonymity, to protect us from manipulation and corporate sway – and to keep our personal freedom and your public dignity.
Reclaim your freedom with Freedom Clothing!

Freedom Clothing’s Unisex Outdoor Hood.
Functional added value of optical protection from facial recognition, CCTV safe.
Reclaim your personal freedom, dignity and public respect.
Proven functional benefit from unwanted communication attempts:
– offline spam (beggars, promotion workers, flyer distributors)
– offline viral attacks (pickpockets)


Opening Night
Friday September 12th 7-11pm

Saturday 13th 12-7pm
Saturday 20th 12-7pm: Clearance Sale

Hockney Gallery
Royal College of Art
Jay Mews
SW7 2EU.