With our fashion brand we are celebrating the Berlin lifestyle, from its harder music and party scene to its modern and playful attitude.
Schwarzrosagold means Black, Pink and Gold in German. It’s a play on the German flag – the Pink in the flag is a twist to the German ideals, as the Berlin spirit is. The Collection ranges from sport and street wear to party and play wear.

Our shirts are produced by members of the fair wear foundation under the conduct of fair trade and labour conditions and eco certified under the Eco-Tex 100 Standard. Our new EarthPositive® Garments match the highest available sustainability standards both for workers and the environment.

We are a small label where most things are hand made and we are really proud to add the new black line we to our label – bringing you hot racer back tanks, shirts and swaeters.The pink line offers you stylish ways to express your way – like the racer back tanks from your favourite universal truths collection.
And of course we still have the Berlin line.
have a look at www.srg.berlin