Master Syngers Shark Fish’s Meadow

A pleasant blast of gnashes and creaks opens to an act that drowns the stage with a brilliant soundscape. The bodacious german duo Meystersinger, (the Master Syngers) released their aureatic new album HaifischWEIDE yesterday in Berlin’s WABE.
Luci van Org (Lucilectric, Das Haus von Luci, Übermutter) and Roman Shamov (Rummelsnuff, Weird Fishes) presented an electronic surge over an abyss of deep resonances. HaifishWEIDE – Shark Fish’s Meadow – is a very special place for the two: ‘It’s that dulcet playground where all our inner monsters find their place. Some place where all what you can’t get rid of and keeps torturing you can be and remain.’
Maybe that meadow and what may browse around there is what the two made to an exceptional symbiotic phenomenon – two artistic soulmates that found each other in a dark miniature of Berlin’s authenticity. Such a Berlin genuine is grand 89 year old Frau Wischniowski in the video to the new single Selbst Alleine.
Listen to Meystersinger and get the new album!