One thing that keeps fascinating us is how things go together that have been antipodes before. There is an increasing number of hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech.
Art Hack day is a platform to bridge the gap between art, technology and entrepreneurship with grassroots hackathons that demonstrate the expressive potential of new technology and the power of radical collaboration in art.

Between September 26-28, sixty artists and hackers created a flash exhibit as part of the Transmediale in Berlin
What it looks like when art and technology meet showed the “Winkekatzen exhibit”. Created by dan pearlman one of the shooting stars of Berlins creative companies, a series of cats are linked to the internet traffic of their web-network. Each cat is dedicated to major city and starts to wave at you when someone accesses the network from there. It’s just one of the many great ideas showcased at art hack day dealing with one of the most underestimated phenomenas to shape our future. As one art hacker puts it: “Our actions are mediated by data. Previously we formed our artifacts, now they form us. Woven into a seamless network, they quantify our lives, affect our thinking and become intrinsic to our being.” – a topic, we have been investigating in the Me-Loop.

The next art hack days will take place in New York, Stockholm and San Francisco.