In the last weeks a lot has been said about Russia’s law against gay “propaganda”. Now it’s time to act.
enough-is-enough is one of the organizations that took action and organizes attention and resistance to those inhuman laws that criminalize and stigmatize gay people in Russia.
We are proud to support enough-is-enough and we ask all our friends and partners to take action. A lot can be done and a lot needs to be done.

Presidents, Prime Ministers and Sports Ministers should be asked to to speak out against the anti-gay crackdown
pressure must be put on the Olympic Committee
businesses that sponsor the Olympics must be asked them to speak out
athletes need support to take away the pressure from them

All Out organized a petition siged by more than 350,000 people that has been reported on global news networks including CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and NBC, and we’ve made a splash in national newspapers including Le Monde and the New York Times.
The world needs to create pressure on President Putin whereever it can, to repeal the anti-gay law before the Winter Olympics, by getting world leaders to speak out. And, it can be working.

Way too many other countries, from Iran to Cameroon, have anti-gay laws, most of them even worse. It’s a question of human dignity and human rights and it’s our duty to defend them!