2014 London, Myths and Mythology
2014 London, ID
2014 Berlin, Syncretics
2014 Miami, I Loved You
2014 London, Temporary Turn (G)
2014 Berlin, Twitter Selfe Machine (G)
2014 London, Candid Art Trust (G)
2013 F*German, London, Manchester, Birmingham
2013 KA14, Berlin (G)
2013 London, Royal College of Art, WIP
2012 London, RCA, GRIST
2011 New York, Skeletor Saves (G)
2009 Brussels, Berlin Days (G)
2009 Berlin, Mayor’s Festival (G)
2009 Berlin, CODE Unesco City of Design
2009 Hamburg, Grafitektur (G)
2009 Berlin, Temporäre Kunsthalle
2009 New York, Leslie Lohman (G)
2008 London, Dray Walk Gallery
2007 Berlin, D-Construct
2004 Berlin, Institute of Electronic Business
2004 Berlin, Digitally Dehanced
2001 Kuala Lumpur, Isetan Gallery Petronas Twin Towers
2001 Sydney, Gallery 201
1999 Berlin, Urban Dialogues
1999 Berlin, Gallery Sundström
1998 Berlin, University of the Arts (G)

Exhibition at Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin 2009

Since 1998 we have shown collaborative art projects in various exhibitions nationally and internationally. The focus of our early exhibitions was on the human being with their desires, yearnings and also the visualisation of energy through the use of colour and light and lush yet monochromatic colors in our first solo exhibition.

In 1999 “Urban Dialogues” was displayed at Berlin, Alexanderplatz, the cultural and political centre of former East Berlin. It was an exploration of the dialogue we have in the city and aspects of different cultures.

In 2001 we created a trilogy called “Inscape – Escape – Outscape” as a synthesis of cultural backgrounds from different continents through migration and mythology. The opening was in Sydney, Australia followed by a second part presented at the Petronas twin-towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The final part was shown at the Institute of Electronic Business in Berlin in 2004.

“Digitally Dehanced” and “D.Construct”, in Berlin in 2004 and 2007, focused on the “digital age” and its unique potential and challenges as the internet started to provide space to extend our identities and personal mass-media emerged. We experimented with the unique forms of expression that emerged, especially in the gay world. Dating websites were resources to generate our interpretation of that specific time.

Our recent work explores the play of fragmented, altered and fabricated identities further, and is more speculative in the intersecting field of art, design, science & technology. We look at the consequences and new options between romantic nostalgia, technophile optimism and alienation. The latest projects deal with one important consequence of that: With our identities we transcend, we are not only masters of our selves, but also become masters of our own reality and perception. And thus we influence in the common narrative of reality.