Surprisingly many saw her as a gay icon, though her politics was everything but gay friendly. The guardian portrays her in an exquisite article from which we quote the following lines.
“Despite the Boadicea-like Commons performances, the hair, handbag and all the other hard to resist superficialities, the reality is that Thatcher presided over and took advantage of the most devastatingly homophobic time in recent British history. If you were a gay man in the mid to late 80s – let alone a teenager, as I was – you were one of the unlucky ones. The kick in the teeth was far from metaphorical. When a terrifying new disease began cutting down gay men like rows of corn, the media, most vociferously led by the Sun’s then editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, launched a campaign of deeply unpleasant propaganda…as willing to throw us – including kids like me, desperate for help in 1988 when section 28 came in – to the wolves for the sake of a few poll points. What she did do was inflict huge damage on a community that desperately needed support, and smashed down any possibility of supporting confused children or educating them about how to not catch HIV.”

The Iron Lady became a bit rusty in the old days. Let her and her ideas rust in peace.