Digital Malady. Illustration by Mathias Vef/

Progress happens every day and in every part of human life, especially when it’s bound to digital technology. In the UK Dr. Mark Gasson will be known in the future as being the first man ever infected by a special type of virus: a computer virus.

What sounds like a creepy and cool science fiction story is real. But Mr. Gasson did not mutate into a terminator like cyborg or was expectorating nanobot slime. The virus infected a chip in his body he implanted himself before as part of an experiment. Today not many can tell a chip as part of their intestines, but as a spanish club already experimanted with a subcutan thingy for identification or payment, they are about to come. Not to mention chips that regulate devices for epilepsy or cardiac pacemakers. And who knows in future your cerebral iFacebook-pad?

Scary, but get used to it : Soon you’ll find some Norton or Kaspersky in your local pharmacy.