Salton Sea (c) Schwarzrosagold 2012

Probably one of the weirdest places in the world is Salton Sea, just an hour south of Palm Springs. Deserted desert towns and a once accidentally man-made lake offer spectacular photosceneries while the smell of rotton fish end spoiled eggs creates a feeling that the end of the world might not be too far. This week the smell has been so intense, that even magazines like Spiegel and wired wrote about it: “the Salton Sea has a painful history of sickness and health and booms and busts — a stinky side effect of a great American experiment to civilize the western deserts. By economic measurements, this experiment has been an astounding success. By environmental measurements, it’s shaping up to be pure disaster.” We found an insane beauty both in the deserted houses and in the deserted beaches along a truely great lake: the Salton Sea.