Bedrock City (c) SchwarzRosaGold 2012

Flintstones in Bedrock City (c) SchwarzRosaGold 2012

The deep desert in the South-West, along the legendary and louche route 66, America’s historic thread, reveals some of the most bizarre emergences of American dreams, some who came true, some rotten in the deadly sun of 120° (Fahrenheit, 50° Celsius) where the line between dream and nightmare, fantasy and fate thins and reality becomes a fading Fata Morgana.

Forbidding dinosaurs seem to greet from everywhere, stone-aged villages from the 50s or 50.000 BC alternate with Alien Jerk supermarkets, giant heads dug in the sand between trailer parks and vicious vehicles from a lost future vision. In this godforsaken part of God’s own country heaven’s and hell’s angels ride west towards the dusk of the setting sun as we do too.

(c) SchwarRosaGold 2012

Alien Jerk (C) Schwarzrosagold

King Kong vs. Raptorsaurus Rex (C) Schwarzrosagold

Vehicles from Hell (C) Schwarzrosagold

Dessert christ park (c) Schwarzrosagold 2012

Dessert christ park, Foto Schwarzrosagold