We introduced Van Bo Le-Mentzel on our blog before he even used that name. He earned some fame as a sprayer, rapper and inventor of the Hartz IV Möbel project. In the meantime he got married, published a book which was of course crowed sourced and crowd funded and realeased at the BMW Guggenheim Lab and invented a housing solution that can make everyone a home owner.

The ‘One-Sqm-House’ – a DIY wooden house – measures only one square meter. But through a flipping mechanism, it can provide a cozy place to work, eat, meet and sleep. It’s a house built to  put anywhere, anytime and call it home—a house for everybody, a square meter of freedom.

“I want to have my own square meter. I want that no one other than I, myself, can decide what happens with this one square meter of mine in the world,” he said. “It’s the only square meter in the world where I can decide what direction the window looks in, what direction the door opens in, what neighbors I have.”

And those who still don’t like the idea of being on the home-owners the 1sqm-house can rent it at airbnb – for 1 euro/night