World Pride London 2012

Announced as “one of the most noteworthy dates in the calendar, as the streets and public spaces of central London are taken over for one massive celebration of gay pride, identity and culture” on London’s official website, London’s worldpride turned out to be a rather cosy gathering of just about 5000 people.

In the year of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Queen’s Jubilee all taking place in 2012, the world pride was meant to be at the centre of large scale cultural events and celebrations.
It was a mix of an organizational fiasco, and a lack of support by the city council. Pink news claims “not only have the city authorities forced Pride to cancel all official street parties in Soho, they also want to stop any unofficial parties. Westminster council has sent what reads like a threatening letter to gay venues warning them that their licences could be revoked if they play music that is ‘audible outside of your premises’ and if they allow customers to drink in the street.”

We still found some good sides to it…