Bogota view drom Monserrate somnoliento

You have done Rio, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires and didn’t event think about Bogotá? And if you did you thought it was dangerous? A lot has changed in Columbia’s capitol. The city officially claims that “the only danger is that you want to stay” – and they may be right! Bogotá is a surprise for almost everyone – the city, the restaurants, the café culture and the gay scene.
Chapinero or tenderly called “chapigay”  is the center of Bogotá’s gay community. There are more than 100 bars, discos and clubs for the gay community in Bogotá, and most of them can be found in Chapinero,with the huge “Theatron” in the centre, on of the biggest and most popular gay discos in South America. That’s also where the grand finale of the biggest party weekend takes place – on Halloween.
Septima Street

Bogotá is full of surprises – not only that Columbia is one of the leading countries in LGBT rights and that the mayor of Chapinero, Blanca Inés Durán Hernández, is openly lesbian. There are a lot more social achievements – the TransMilenio, one of the most efficient public transport systems was created in just a few years, one of Bogota´s main roads turn into the “ciclovia” every sunday and is completey closed to make room for almost a million bikers and pedestrians, or the Virgilio Barco Public Library, that grants also the poorest in the city accces to bookss, computers and modern media. The library is named after the former president of Bogotá whose son Virgilio has been aleading LGBT rights acitivist and co founder of Columbia diversa.

Bogotá is full of great stories that have not been told yet. All you have to do is come and see. And maybe stay.

libray in Bogotá (c) schwarzrosagold 2011


Virgilio Barco (c) schwarzrosagold 2011ciclovia (c) Schwarzrosagold 2011
left: Virgilio Barco. Right: the ciclovia on a sunday