There is a lot of big words around, when “Multitalented photographer Armin Morbach” decides to start a new magazine. A magazine can speak for itself – and listen what it says:

“The magazine addresses a highly financially significant target group.The project will be focused on the lifestyle of modern gay men who don’t define themselves on the basis of their sexual orientation. It’s about being a man, being at ease with your body, with your desires, with your needs, with your habits, with your sexuality. The visuals will be breathtaking high-end images incorporating expressive, mind-blowing and sometimes even shocking subjects.”

Horst tries hard to imitate marketing genius Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) by limiting the first issue and claiming to send it “exclusively to the world’s most important decision makers, creating a medium for presenting products to people you’ve never been able to reach before”. Hmm, we are still waiting for ours.

But for now anyone can reach there willing to spend 33,99 Euros for a magazine.
Well – it’s gay. It’s out. Let’s see.