Enchanting. Magical. Fashionable. Eccentric. Breathtaking. Crazy. Unique. Regardless which word you pick – it fits this extraordinary place. Once praised as the “Monaco of the Alps”, today, the term “Sleeping Beauty of the Universe” is more fitting to Bad Gastein. A magical sleeping beauty who isn’t sure whether she wants to be kissed or not. However it ends up, this place has charm, energy and a charisma that seeks people of its equal.”

Dining room at Hotel Miramonte (c) Schwarzrosagold 2010

If you want to meet the people who came up with these words, you can stay in the Miramonte, a Hotel between a James Bond movie and a “Heimatfilm”, or Haus Hirt, where Thomas Mann is said to be inspired for his “Felix Krull” or Das Regina, the urban rocker in a rural jungle.

Bad Gastein (c) Schwarzrosagold 2011

Well, we have all seen dramatic mountain peaks before. But the combination with Bad Gastein, this mad architectural Fata Morgana: that is unique. Hard to grasp. Especially not in words. And even if you were to succeed, then three are enough: What a view.

Suspension bridge in Bad Gastein (c) Schwarzrosagold 2011