Le van Bo about his "Hartz IV Möbel" furniture

We met Le Van Bo again on a sunny day in Berlin and had an inspiring discussion about chaos and Confucius, karma and capitalism in the microcosm between Laos and Kreuzkölln, and about the value of design for anyone on welfare. A year ago we blogged about his fresh  furniture project  called „Hartz IV Möbel“ (referring to the much discussed German welfare system). In the meantime it became a huge success, with newspaper debates, TV interviews, theaters staging his furniture and people sending in their rebuilt chairs. The furniture is not for sale. If you want it, you have to build it. Construction plans are free. 10 Euros. 10 Minutes. 10 Screws. That’s all you need to get this multifunctional furniture. And if you combine a dozen of them you can create a sidetable, a TV-rack or a bench.

Commercial for a non-commercial design project