Kevin (C) Schwarzrosagold

Kevin (C) Schwarzrosagold

Kevin (C) Schwarzrosagold

hunks in town

Jordi & Dawid (C) Schwarzrosagold

Preparing the next video installation all you need is some hunky hunks and some tight gear. The rest is imagination.

Jordi & Dawid (C) Schwarzrosagold

Jordi & Dawid (C) Schwarzrosagold

Jordi & Dawid (C) Schwarzrosagold

Jordi & Dawid (C) Schwarzrosagold

Robert & Franz (C) Schwarzrosagold


When we planned to shoot our summer collection we got a bit carried away. On a hot summer night Gaga, Glitter and Glamour found their way to one of the hottest couples in town.

Any more hotness would get you arrested.


Robert & Franz (C) Schwarzrosagold

Robert & Franz (C) Schwarzrosagold

Robert & Franz (C) Schwarzrosagold


I-LOVED-YOU (C) Mathias Vef

I LOVED YOU is an art installation event during Art Basel Miami by artist Mathias Vef and music producer Tom Peters. about gutted synesthesia and illusions: it is not about what is rational. It is an exploration of the unconscious; the illusion of synthesis, suffering caused when the unconscious discovers reality, the drama and dreamscape and the irrationality of emotions.
I LOVED YOU is a video piece and a DJ session with which we invite to explore the fissure that exists between our emotions and ourselves into the multi layered juxtapositions of the human emotional experience through abstract emotional expressions.

I LOVED YOU will also be shown in Berlin’s The Coven Berlin on Friday June 26th 2015.

Read the interview in Society Perrier about their Vefs and Peters work.

Screenshot from Video Installation “I loved you”

DJ Tom Peters and artist Mathias Vef

Tom Peters

Tom Peters (C) Mathias Vef/Schwarzrosagold for I LOVED YOU , Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Preparing the Miami I LOVED YOU show with Tom Peters, who is not only a talented DJ, producer and fashionista, but also looks pretty hot in front of the camera.
Those are the original shots from the video displayed in Miami during the art fair 2014.


Tom Peters (C) Mathias Vef/Schwarzrosagold for I LOVED YOU , Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Tom Peters (C) Mathias Vef/Schwarzrosagold for I LOVED YOU , Art Basel Miami Beach 2014


Baptist (C) Mathias Vef / Schwarzrosagold

We shot singer and bouncer of Berlin’s Berghain/Lab-Oratory Roger Baptist Rummelsnuff for the series ‘Human Becomings’.
We don’t think we are steady beings, rather dynamic and creative processes, constantly becoming something new and other.


Hot. Hilarious. Flying High. The Briefs-Boys are back in town!
Fez Fa’anana alias Shivannah put a show together that infuses Australian hotness to Berlin’s cool weather.
It’s a gender juggling, visual spectacle, imaginative and at times even for Berlin quite explicit. Mark Captain Kidd Winmill, Australias leading boylesque circus hybrid, Dallas Dellaforce, Louis Biggs, the new kid on the Briefs block, Lachlan Shelley the acrobatic clown who escaped straight from the sex zoo, Thomas Worrell the areial hopp and
Evil Hate Monkey, New York’s sexiest simian create a night that is so special, so hot and so wet that there’s only one thing left to do: go, see!

Briefs Excentric body circus Tipi am Kanzleramt!

the Briefs Boys and André making a statement with our shirts

Idyl Baydar alias Jilet Ayse and Andre Maraun

If you want to understand Germany and specifically Berlin, you have to understand German, or better: Jilet Ayse.

Die Welt nannte sie den Mensch gewordenen Integrationsalbtraum, die Bild war so fasziniert, dass sie der “Ghettobraut aus Neukölln” eine eigene Sendung gab, und die Zuschauer sind vor ihrer scharfen und vor allem schnellen Zunge gleichermaßen schockiert wie fasziniert. Und wenn aus der türkischen Antiintegratonsproletin Jilet dann die deutsche Gerda Grischke wird, die mit ihrer schon lange nicht mehr latenten Ausländerfeindlichkeit das Fremdschämen zum Selbstschämen macht, wird jedem klar: Deutschland, wir müssen reden. Zu sehen ist Idil Baydars Show gerade in der Bar jeder Vernunft.
Und keinem steht das Fucking German besser als ihr.

Jilette Ayse muss man sehen – und hören! Am besten auf ihrem eigenen Kanal, wo sie nie Sendepause hat!


„Science and Technology are restlessly on the move;
and, at each further move that they make they produce
disturbing and bewildering changes in the alien environment that they have imposed on us.“

Jesse McLean

From February 13th, 2015 3punts Gallery Berlin shows ‘Syncretics’, work of artist Mathias Vef.

Starting from simple elements varying with each generation, Mathias uses a digital collage technique to create digital ecosystems. These systems loom to be an illusion of the natural but are infused by an abstract artificiality and an urge to shape and create.

Syncretism is the synthesis of two – often religious – philosophies, weltanschauungen, to something new. To me this concept does not only relate to the combination of the natural and artificial, but also to the process of a creation in an evolutionary and generative way, as in contrast to a conscient creation.

The opening is Thursday, February 12th, 19-21h


Galerie 3punts
Auguststr. 50b
10117 Berlin

February 13th – March 21st 2015
Tuesday – Saturday 12-18h

Maciej Urbanek’s HS

HS (C) Maciej Urbanek

HS, a stunning piece of contemporary art, scales much of the West wall of St Michael’s. Measuring more than 60 square metre, the artwork is ever changing: it assumes the feel of a watercolour painting or ink wash from close quarters, becoming luminescent and brilliant, as if of silver, on retreat. Exploding in a synergy of overflowing shapes, it casts light and life into the nave. On every inspection, new figures and forms create themselves within complex folds of light and shadow.

The work’s aesthetics points to the Baroque excess and Gothic exuberance, as well as to uncanny forms of science fiction, resulting in the amazing transformation of mundane material into an awe-inspiring visual spectacle. HS is made of humble bin bags that when sculpted, photographed, digitally reflected and reworked, metamorphose into a grand and majestic art piece.

Like the work itself, ‘HS’ is an ambiguous title, abstract yet suggestive. The acronym can be saturated with the multiplicity of content, inviting the audience to offer their own interpretations, from the most holy to the radically profane.

Maciej Urbanek produces works based in photography, but which strongly reference the languages of drawing, painting and sculpture. He is using visual and sensorial excesses, and the mix of subtlety and grandeur in the attempt to reconcile the banality of everyday life with longing for poetry and beauty. He is interested in the area between the figuration and abstraction and strategies of mimicry and camouflage that give the possibilities of originating the new descriptions of the world.

Maciej Urbanek is a visual artist and scholar born in 1979 in Kielce (Holy Cross Mountains), Poland. Graduate of Goldsmiths College and the Royal Academy of Arts where he was awarded the Gold Medal in 2010. He is currently working as a photography tutor at the Royal Academy Schools.


25 years ago, on November 9th, 1989, the wall came down. It seemed to be the end of a cold era and certainly for everyone livibg in Germany a dream come true. 25 years may have cooled down some expectation. And hard to believe even the cold war doesn’t seem like a forgotten past but an oppressive future, but the wall is past. Actually it’s so long ago that most people can’t even imagie where it used to seperate our city.

Today the inner city of Berlin will be temporarily divided from Bornholmer Strasse to Mauerpark and the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Strasse, past the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie to the East Side Gallery: a light installation featuring 8,000 luminous white balloons commemorates the division of Berlin. Developed from an idea by Christopher and Marc Bauder, the installation’s emotional and visual power evokes the dimension and brutality of the Wall.

Myths & Mythology

Mathias Vef (C) Destitute of Myself 7

This year’s GFEST – Gaywise FESTival, London’s annual LGBTQI cross-art festival is all about Myths & Mythology.

Adding to that from Berlin, Mathias Vef will show a series of deconstructed bodies and the video ‘I Do Me’ on Body Modification. To him the body is a manifestation of the dynamic process that we call identity. “I see the modified body as a focus of concepts of the will and the self and therefore a projection of modern myth around gay culture. Myths are not only the personification of concepts, forces or ideas, but also a form of the collective unconscious of a culture or a subculture.”

The visual arts exhibition is in Southwark’s Menier gallery along with artists such as Sadie Lee, Matthew Stradling, Gökhan Tanrıöver, João Trinidade, Jennifer Welton and Enzo Marra, who is showing his Francis Bacon series. Please check the GFEST website for other events ranging from performances to, films screenings and debates.

Menier Gallery
10th – 22nd of November 2014
Private View Tuesday 11th November 6-8 pm (Invitation only)
51 Southwark Street
London SE1 1RU



Tempelpark (c) +1 Architekten 2014

After a long discussion about future opportunities of Berlin’s most promising space, former Tempelhof Airport, a public vote decided to do nothing. Even though more than 15,000 appartments are needed in Berlin. So maybe a concept of Berlin based +1 architects can revive the discussion and bring some fresh ideas to the phlegmatic discussion – and finally add a Skyline to the capital.

Art Autumn Berlin

Foto: Andrea Rosen Gallery New York/Regen Projects Los Angeles/Sprüth Magers Berlin London

Foto: Andrea Rosen Gallery New York/Regen Projects Los Angeles/Sprüth Magers Berlin London


This year’s Berlin Art week brought some interesting shows to the city and two we’ve visited stuck in our minds.
A bit demanding is Ryan Trecartin’s video work, but the experience at Kunstwerke is amazing. Ryan built two sound-only reduced lounge rooms with big arm chairs to enjoy the massive soundscapes before you enter the large cinema with his multichannel installation. It is amazing to wonder in between the different options to sit/lay down and trying to grasp his dense work from various angles, trying to depict the feverish collages of reality tv like shots or 3D elements he created with his work-partner Lizzie Fitch.
Quite different is Marguerite Humeau’s work. She graduated from the Design Interaction course at the Royal College of Art. Probably the weirdest studies on the planet produced work like Hiromi Ozaki’s/Sputniko’s Penis and Menstruation devices or Mathias Vef’s Freedom Burkha.
Marguerite is crossing of great distances in time and space. First she brings us to Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter and dreamworld of exo-biologists and sci-fi lovers. Her inflatable spaceship and dust canon are props from a trailer about mysterious film of an exhibition that hasn’t happened yet and probably will never happen. A third room bridges a time gap of 20.000 years. It is filled with prehistoric sounds of a Mammoth and a Entelodont, “Hell Pig” sound producing sculptures comprising resonance cavities, synthetic larynges, vocal cords, windpipes and artificial intelligence systems. Humeau collaborated with palaeontologists, zoologists, veterinarians, engineers, surgeons, ear and throat specialists, and radiologists to model hybrid sound producing anatomies and create “The Opera of Prehistoric Creatures”.

Marguerite Humeau
Import Projects
Keithstrasse 10, 10787 Berlin

Ryan Trecartin
KW Institute for Contemporary Art –
Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin



Marguerite Humeau, The Things?

Marguerite Humeau, The Things?

Ryan Trecartin, Foto: Mathias Vef

Future Freedom (C) Mathias VefFuture functional clothing will evolve with a changing environment. Surveillance technology, facial recognition and ubiquitous spam will create a need for physical firewalls: to maintain anonymity, to protect us from manipulation and corporate sway – and to keep our personal freedom and your public dignity.
Reclaim your freedom with Freedom Clothing!

Freedom Clothing’s Unisex Outdoor Hood.
Functional added value of optical protection from facial recognition, CCTV safe.
Reclaim your personal freedom, dignity and public respect.
Proven functional benefit from unwanted communication attempts:
– offline spam (beggars, promotion workers, flyer distributors)
– offline viral attacks (pickpockets)


Opening Night
Friday September 12th 7-11pm

Saturday 13th 12-7pm
Saturday 20th 12-7pm: Clearance Sale

Hockney Gallery
Royal College of Art
Jay Mews
SW7 2EU.

Temporary Turn

Mathias Vef will show a range of new work from 2014 at his East London residency ’Temporary Turn’.
The exhibition is of a temporary open studio and reflects his periodical re-turning to London since graduating from the Royal College of Art.
The work that will be exhibited consists of prints from the two ongoing series ‘The End of The Outer’ and ‘The Ease of Propagation‘, a turn between virtual still life studies and speculative portraits, including a series of portraits and collages with artist Roger Baptist Rummelsnuff, who is doorman of the Berlin club Berghain.

‘The Ease of Propagation‘ is a series of collages through which I explore the construction of reality and environments and the confusion in our relation to those concepts, that consist of nature and now of technology and the artifice – nature is designed while technology evolves. The worlds that are created from that inspiration are atmospheres of likes and objects of desire that construct environments under evolutionary parameters such as recombination, variation and deviation and crescive complexity of elements from nature, physical objects and virtual objects taken out of video games.

‘The End of The Outer‘
Within his work, Mathias conceptualizes people as a dynamic process between egotistic creation and fragmentation – an intersection of their inner and the outer. More than human beings, “I sees my subjects as human becomings. Each one is a process of creation that emanates onto the outer, which becomes a self-referenced world, a mirror of our selves and dissolves.”

The work shown includes both finished work and work that is in progress, experiments of research, sketches and outlook to future exhibitions. The studio residency was enabled through the collaboration with London based photographer MACIEJ URBANEK.

The show is well worth seeing and will be open August 28th – September 9th 2014

Reception Weekend:
Thursday, 4th & Friday, 5th of September, 18-22h
Saturday, 6th & Sunday, 7th, of September 15-20h


With our fashion brand we are celebrating the Berlin lifestyle, from its harder music and party scene to its modern and playful attitude.
Schwarzrosagold means Black, Pink and Gold in German. It’s a play on the German flag – the Pink in the flag is a twist to the German ideals, as the Berlin spirit is. The Collection ranges from sport and street wear to party and play wear.

Our shirts are produced by members of the fair wear foundation under the conduct of fair trade and labour conditions and eco certified under the Eco-Tex 100 Standard. Our new EarthPositive® Garments match the highest available sustainability standards both for workers and the environment.

We are a small label where most things are hand made and we are really proud to add the new black line we to our label – bringing you hot racer back tanks, shirts and swaeters.The pink line offers you stylish ways to express your way – like the racer back tanks from your favourite universal truths collection.
And of course we still have the Berlin line.
have a look at

Master Syngers Shark Fish’s Meadow

A pleasant blast of gnashes and creaks opens to an act that drowns the stage with a brilliant soundscape. The bodacious german duo Meystersinger, (the Master Syngers) released their aureatic new album HaifischWEIDE yesterday in Berlin’s WABE.
Luci van Org (Lucilectric, Das Haus von Luci, Übermutter) and Roman Shamov (Rummelsnuff, Weird Fishes) presented an electronic surge over an abyss of deep resonances. HaifishWEIDE – Shark Fish’s Meadow – is a very special place for the two: ‘It’s that dulcet playground where all our inner monsters find their place. Some place where all what you can’t get rid of and keeps torturing you can be and remain.’
Maybe that meadow and what may browse around there is what the two made to an exceptional symbiotic phenomenon – two artistic soulmates that found each other in a dark miniature of Berlin’s authenticity. Such a Berlin genuine is grand 89 year old Frau Wischniowski in the video to the new single Selbst Alleine.
Listen to Meystersinger and get the new album!

FAME For All My Enemies by Roy Inc, video: Mathias Vef

ROY INC has addressed this new song to all those who opposed him and were bad to him, to all his enemies. After shooting his new video in the studios of Beige Magazine in London – and woking with this amazing and energetic artist, we’re truly happy to be on the right side!

Check out the final edit that just got released and check out Mathias Vef’s Page and Facebook Page who directed and edited this tribal war dance.


Down under, at the other end of the planet, where it’s summer when the northern hemisphere is freezing, and day when it’s nighttime in Europe, were the sun hits the zenith in the north and is shining 300 days a year, the biggest night time parade of the planet happens – the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.
The parade is just the highlight of a three-week festival with over 100 events, including arts, cinema and of course parties.
During all that the best part of the Mardi Gras certainly is meeting all he great people having fun here and those who have been involved: like Mikey Trotter, who created a quite inspiring video for the colossal stage on the main party.
Or photographer Markham Lane, who’s work embraced the dance floor on with the hottest Aussie guys kissing and watching the crowd. And Leomeo, one of the hottest and most sought after DJs from France who rocked the Mardi Gras Party and with his set of tribal progressive tech.
The Mardi Gras is one facet of the gay kaleidoscope of world wide celebrations that some seem to have forgotten over the huge circuit events all over the planet, but we should remember it – not only because of memorable moments like the 3-way drag kiss between Madonna, Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera, but also because Australia is just one of the friendliest and most welcoming places!

Gay rights have come a long way – participants of the first march 1978 were beaten and arrested, while the Sydney Morning Herald published their names so many lost the jobs and friends. This year includes the Trans* and Intersex float for the first time – adding the I to the ever growing community of now LGBTIQ. The parade was opened by gay and lesbian Indigenous Australians – a group that still struggles for recognition both as Aboriginals and being gay. We met one of them who made his way up the pole of fame: Matty Shields, semi finalist of “Australia’s got talent. The interview will follow soon!
It has been a long march and there is still a way to go. So should you!
Happy Mardi Gras!


Luke Nicholson (C) Schwarzrosagold

In Sydney we were shooting a great guy from down under: Luke Nicolsen, a hot French, Italian and Australian. Originally from Melbourne, now living in sunny Sydney, Luke will be in the face of our 2014 fashion camapaign!

Hong Kong

I Do Me (C) Mathias Vef

Candid Arts Trust in London is celebrating its 25th anniversary with several exhibitions in 2014. The opening is the Mixed Media Show starting on January 23rd 2014. We got invited to show ‘I Do Me’, an installation about doing being.

“I see media not as something of consumption or passive reception but mainly as a tool work on one self, as an active device. For me it reflects first the relation we have with our identities, how we do our selves. And media is a tool to expand those selves, onto the world and shape reality according to us.”

My Pink Noise (C) Mathias Vef

Bild: Aston Villa

Finally…The first brave soccer star stepped forward and made his homosexuality public – the first of over 5500 professional soccer players in the German national league. And he explains whoever is homophobic now has one enemy more to face: “Modern football has no room for Victorian attitudes and outdated prejudices.” Not only modern football, but the modern world. We must not allow that the Russian winter threatens our world.

Oddities from Space

It’s a bit odd out there, 300 miles above the world from where you see planet Earth so blue. There’s nothing you can do…? You can! Chris Hadfield is watching us from ISS and he has sent us a special Christmas present as he recorded his “Fucking really from Space”-Oddity. Nothing’s more spectacular than reality.

fractal identies

Fractal Identity (C) Mathias Vef

Fractal Identities is a series of extended portraits. We are more than a snapshot – fluctuant and fluid personalities. These reams of variations and derivations are triggered by life and experiences, by ruptures in the linearity of our realities.
We try to recreate a linearity by an illusionary construct consisting of that flood tide of images of ourselves and our staged life in which we collage our life to an authentic artifice. This synthetic self becomes persuasive to ourselves and our illusive and hocused audience.

Gallery KA14 in Berlin is showing works from fractal identities in a show in December 2013.

Fractal Identity (C) Mathias Vef

Fractal Identity (C) Mathias Vef

only in england

(c) 1967 by Tony Ray-Jones

The London Science Museum displays a fascinating show with photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr: “Fascinated by the eccentricities of English social customs, Tony Ray-Jones spent the latter half of the 1960s travelling across England, photographing what he saw as a disappearing way of life. Humorous yet melancholy, these works had a profound influence on photographer Martin Parr.”
Fascinating to see how England and Germany in the sixties compare and to see a different image of the flowerpower decade which obviously spared vast parts of society.

(c) Tony Ray Jones

Happy Chanukka

Happy Chanukka! (C) Schwarzrosagold

Damiano is the face for next season’s Schwarzrosagold collection.

Unshaved Glam

Frank - Daily Glam for Beards, an unshaved history (C) Mathias Vef/Schwarzrosagold

Worlds are colliding when it comes to facial hair, ways are parting between a baby butt like cheeks of a Twink and the brute bushes of a butch Bear. The manly ambience of beastly sexuality is only one side of facial fur, it became a glamorous expression of style.
Kevin Clarke with whom we worked for MÄNNER magazine, knows all about the vast spectrum of the significance of beards for gay men and created a brilliant compendium about it: Beards – an unshaved history He asked us to contribute some of our work to his book and we were happy to bestow two images that cover both sides of the spectrum. Frank in the ‘Daily Glam’ series celebrates his hairy cheeks and underlines it with a delicate selection of suits and sunglasses while Thomas from our ‘Universal Truth‘ collection cruises the spheres of British masculinity.

Thomas – Universal Truths for Beards, an unshaved history (C) Mathias Vef/Schwarzrosagold

Art Hack

One thing that keeps fascinating us is how things go together that have been antipodes before. There is an increasing number of hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech.
Art Hack day is a platform to bridge the gap between art, technology and entrepreneurship with grassroots hackathons that demonstrate the expressive potential of new technology and the power of radical collaboration in art.

Between September 26-28, sixty artists and hackers created a flash exhibit as part of the Transmediale in Berlin
What it looks like when art and technology meet showed the “Winkekatzen exhibit”. Created by dan pearlman one of the shooting stars of Berlins creative companies, a series of cats are linked to the internet traffic of their web-network. Each cat is dedicated to major city and starts to wave at you when someone accesses the network from there. It’s just one of the many great ideas showcased at art hack day dealing with one of the most underestimated phenomenas to shape our future. As one art hacker puts it: “Our actions are mediated by data. Previously we formed our artifacts, now they form us. Woven into a seamless network, they quantify our lives, affect our thinking and become intrinsic to our being.” – a topic, we have been investigating in the Me-Loop.

The next art hack days will take place in New York, Stockholm and San Francisco.


Lose your head



Lose your head is one of the best independent movies made in Berlin for a long time.
Written and directed by Patrick Schuckman and Stefan Westerwelle the movie is inspired not only by Berlin’s mindblowing nightlife but also by a true story of a guy who disappeared after a night out in Berlin.

Lose your head gains a lot of its authenticity by the outstanding soundtrack composed by Freedarich and the fact that a lot of the actors in the clubs just play themselves – among them our Fashion model Nico.
Lose your head is a wild and violent trip into music, sex, love, drugs and abuse, into obsession and indulgence: into Berlin.

Click here to read all about where to get lost in the movies.

a political party

For some of them the party is over, others are still party hopping. We were commisioned by Männer Magazine to illustrate the German parties prior to the 2013 election and tried our best to put some meaning into our politcal parties.

Enough is enough

In the last weeks a lot has been said about Russia’s law against gay “propaganda”. Now it’s time to act.
enough-is-enough is one of the organizations that took action and organizes attention and resistance to those inhuman laws that criminalize and stigmatize gay people in Russia.
We are proud to support enough-is-enough and we ask all our friends and partners to take action. A lot can be done and a lot needs to be done.

Presidents, Prime Ministers and Sports Ministers should be asked to to speak out against the anti-gay crackdown
pressure must be put on the Olympic Committee
businesses that sponsor the Olympics must be asked them to speak out
athletes need support to take away the pressure from them

All Out organized a petition siged by more than 350,000 people that has been reported on global news networks including CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and NBC, and we’ve made a splash in national newspapers including Le Monde and the New York Times.
The world needs to create pressure on President Putin whereever it can, to repeal the anti-gay law before the Winter Olympics, by getting world leaders to speak out. And, it can be working.

Way too many other countries, from Iran to Cameroon, have anti-gay laws, most of them even worse. It’s a question of human dignity and human rights and it’s our duty to defend them!


Shooting our first video was a lot of fun – and our models Nico and Esteban seemed to have a lot of fun as well. If you want to see more go to our fashion website!

from russia with love

Tilda Swinton waves gay pride rainbow flag in Russia

It’s more than a great symbol when Tilda Swinton waves the rainbow flag in russia – it’s a brave act of solidarity and a clear statement against the extreme discrimination of gay people in russia. Putin has just signed another law that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality. It’s part of a campasign that puts russia backwards into the darkest times, a system of total despotism that denies it’s citizens almost all fundamental human rights. No one must close his eyes to that, everyone must stand up against this injustice in solidarity. So as the actress’s representative Christian Hodell urged people to share the image of the actress waving the gay pride symbol which we are happy to do. And ask everyone to do the same.
Don’t look away. Act now.

Simon Foxall: Elvira Hancock, marker pen and Biro on paper, 2013

RCA graduate Simon Foxall shows his latest paintings and drawings in the exhibition Portrait of a Life Half Known.
Expect images of high and low culture, obsession with myth-making, significance and hierarchy. Simons work questions the parameters of sincerity, reality, individuality and self-expression in culture today – a struggle we all face. It’s well worth seeing and maybe you’re lucky you find the good looking artist himself at

Simon Oldfield Gallery
94 Mount Street, London W1K 2SZ
Wed – Fri: 11am – 6pm | Sat: 12-4pm

But his imagination is not bound to paper or the gallery but goes on air as what he calls a musical fan fiction, Excerpts from The Everglades Pilot about his fictional on an 80s movie based muse Elvira.

The final of that trilogy of work will be The Everglades Pilot After Party on 25 July 7pm – late at LEGION TV.

DOMA is dead.
Since a historic Supreme Court ruling striking down a section of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” that prohibited the federal government from recognizing legal same-sex marriages, married gay and lesbian couples will be treated like married straight couples for immigration purposes.
Finally foreign-born same-sex partners can get a green card for citizenship the same way Americans with opposite-sex spouses can.
And the first one to send his congratulations was president Obama himself – while miss Merkel would have probably tried to apologize to her voters.

A huge and happy step towards equality – and still so much remains to be done in order for all men to be treated equal, with liberty and justice for all.


Me-Loop from Schwarzrosagold Berlin on Vimeo.

The Me-Loop is a visual investigation of the gap between the promises of augmentation through technology and the realities. ‘Me-Loop’ presumes a future where augmented reality will be ubiquitous, allowing each of us to filter, shape and manipulate our (visual) perception.
Imagine a future based where whatever could be would be. A future where you get lost in your likes.
The result will be a customised, personalised, bespoke world where we all see and live individually designed realities. Perception will be augmented, with our individual ‘likes’ amplified and our ‘dislikes’ dampened or eliminated. Things we don’t care for will simply be superimposed with things we do.

Technologies and services will no longer be a lens between reality and ‘me’, but will enclose ‘me’ in a bubble, a self-referenced loop of hyper-reality – a Me-Loop.

Music: Sean Clarke

‘Me-Loop’ is shown at the Final Show of the Royal College of Art in June 2013

Me-Loop, Video Installation on two screens, Mathias Vef/Schwarzrosagold 2013

03 Me-Loop-600


02 Me-Loop-600

Your Loop from Schwarzrosagold Berlin on Vimeo.

What if all the places you will go will ook like you? A series of text fragments and questions outline the possibilities and consequences of the ‘Me-Loop’. What will we want to see and what won’t we? If we presume an automised system will be developed, in which algorithms interpret who we are and what we might like, we may no longer be either in control or aware of what we see and what has been filtered away. Will we care?



Model: Justin , Tank Top: Schwarzosagold, Photos: Y.M.I.J.

Y.M.I.J. is a photographers name backwards, like a flip side of him that most people dont see. Jimy photographed our American model Justin for the Ohlala mag and for our new fashion collection. We love his pics as much as he hates talking about himself so just let the photographs speak for themselves. And if you have any questions: ask him!

Model: Justin, Tank Top: Schwarzosagold, Photos: Y.M.I.J


I have enough! Mir reicht’s Kamapgane der Deutschen Aids Hilfe

Today is the day against homophobia, and it’s sad that this day seems more necessary then ever.
Every day, everywhere in the world, people are violently attacked just because they are different. Not even different from the “norm”, but different from some sick people who hate them. What makes this day so necessary is that this violence is still widely accepted and often even backed up. The list of states who discriminate against gays is never ending. The church attacks them, as often openly as hidden. And a lot of people who would never call themselves homophobic but just think gays should be more invisibles and thus perverting who is the victim.
As good as one day against homophobia may be, every day should be against it.
For everyone in the world.




The french parliament voted for the “Projet de loi ouvrant le mariage aux couples de personnes de même sexe” – or as we call it Gay marriage. France is now the 14th country with equal rights. Still a long way to go, seeing the violent protests, the hatred spread by the church and the Hypocritical tolerance “as long as they don’T have the same rights”.
That the homophobic protests look more homoerotic isn’t much of a surprise and is just another example of suppressed homosexuality. But at least it’s less annoying to look at.



It’s Fashion. It’s a statement. It’s an attitude without attitude. It can be yours!

Surprisingly many saw her as a gay icon, though her politics was everything but gay friendly. The guardian portrays her in an exquisite article from which we quote the following lines.
“Despite the Boadicea-like Commons performances, the hair, handbag and all the other hard to resist superficialities, the reality is that Thatcher presided over and took advantage of the most devastatingly homophobic time in recent British history. If you were a gay man in the mid to late 80s – let alone a teenager, as I was – you were one of the unlucky ones. The kick in the teeth was far from metaphorical. When a terrifying new disease began cutting down gay men like rows of corn, the media, most vociferously led by the Sun’s then editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, launched a campaign of deeply unpleasant propaganda…as willing to throw us – including kids like me, desperate for help in 1988 when section 28 came in – to the wolves for the sake of a few poll points. What she did do was inflict huge damage on a community that desperately needed support, and smashed down any possibility of supporting confused children or educating them about how to not catch HIV.”

The Iron Lady became a bit rusty in the old days. Let her and her ideas rust in peace.

To visit Brazil’s capital Brasilia is a unique experience. When they designed the city in 1956, architect Oscar Niemeyer, urban planner Lúcio Costa and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx created some stunning architecture. Being a UNESCO world heritage doesn’t protect it from the decay of time. When the three guys planned the city they thought of everything – except people visiting. As Brasilia is divided into sectors, the working sector certainly is a lot of work to walk with it’s huge one way avenues without any pedestrian crossings and the entertainment sector doesn’t either necessarily mean fun.

When Robert Hughes wrote about “Trouble in Utopia” in his book “The Shock of the New” he thought about Brasilia when he wrote “Nothing dates faster than people’s fantasies about the future”. This is what you get when perfectly decent, intelligent, and talented men start thinking in terms of space rather than place; and single rather than multiple meanings. It’s what you get when you design for political aspirations rather than real human needs. You get miles of jerry-built platonic nowhere infested with Volkswagens. This, one may fervently hope, is the last experiment of its kind. The utopian buck stops here.”

Niemeyer himself stated at the end of his long prosperous life: “The experiment failed…”. But the Utopia lives on. His architecture is art. It’s pure and beautiful. And Brasilia definitely is one of the most worthy places to see – as long as you don’t live there.

Catedral in Brasilia, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, photo Schwarzrosagold

Congresso Nacional by Oscar Niemyer, photo Schwarzrosagold

Palacio dos Arcos (c) Schwarzrosagold


The Lost & Found Collection by Lernert & Sander

Lernert Engelbert and Sander Plug are two dutch artists whose artwork includes some fabulous art films and installations, editorial films for Fantastic Man and Nowness, the sassy music video ‘Elektrotechnique’, and a documentary called ‘How To Explain It To My Parents’ they are also regular contributors to our favourite Butt Magazine.
And they have created the lovely Lost & Found Collection for which they have collected found clothing from as many darkrooms they could, all over the world, and photographed themselves in it.
We can imagine the collection in Spijker Bar or the Eagle was really hard work! Let’s see what they find next!

long live the queen

Rarely a charta that does not even mention the word gay rights has been so enthusiastically interpretated as support for gay equality. In fact all that happens is that Her Majesty signs a “magna carta” today, that declares: “We are implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds.’ Those ‘other grounds’ are celebrated now as intended to refer to (homo)sexuality. In fact, from the 54 commonwealth members this carta is valid for, 41 still have homophobic legislation. Britain certainly has come far, but the commonwealth has to come much further. It’s a long way to go, so long live the queen.

Take the Chance

Tom Peters – Take your chance from Schwarzrosagold Berlin on Vimeo.

Berlin-based Techno fashionista TOM PETERS crafted a fantastic track, “Take Your Chance”  released on Kompakt.FM this week. We both took the chance to work together and created the video to his first single. We rendered the energy of the track, inspired by the transcendent melancholy backed up with urban drive, and transferred that abstract emotion into a dream through his head – and ended up with Tom’s abstract joy of dancing. Read more about the track and the video in Kaltblut magazine 

A Future past – 2013

Everlasting Race (C) Mathias Vef, Schwarzrosagold

The fictional future of the Isle of Man stages an everlasting motorcycle race.
The race is the determinant element of society and presents an exaggeration of present technology and economic structures, romanticising a conserved future past. This trailer for a fictional documentary about that Island was shown in January 2013 at the Exhibition WIP at the Royal College of Art in London.

Everlasting Race (C) Mathias Vef, Schwarzrosagold

Everlasting Race (C) Mathias Vef, Schwarzrosagold

Everlasting Race (C) Mathias Vef, Schwarzrosagold

Future functional clothing will evolve with a changing environment. Surveillance technology, facial recognition and ubiquitous spam will create a need for physical firewalls to maintain anonymity, protect us from manipulation and corporate sway to keep our personal freedom. How can we move without being tracked and recognized? The only way to stay anonymous and disconnected might be by hiding. So reclaim your self!
The piece was shown in January 2013 at the Exhibition WIP at the Royal College of Art in London.


For more than 40 years the Centre Pompidou has been dramatized and critized, loved and hated. The exposed escalators, pipes and air ducts make the Centre Pompidou one of the most spectecular sites in Paris, freeing the interior space for the display of art and the exterior for the phantasy of artists.




Boy Butter
Bruno Gmünder
dan pearlman
Rub Addiction
Rug Star
Save Fashion
Scherer Gonzalez
slick it up


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